When planning for college you should decide early on if you are going to apply to college through early admission, early action, regular admission, or another type of admission. Use this section to learn about the different college admission types and what to expect for college admission deadlines based on the admission type you pursue. 

college admission deadlines

Early Admission

Early Admission allows a high school student to complete his/her high school graduation requirements while enrolled at a local college. Check with your guidance office for details.

Early Decision

The Early Decision option allows students to apply early to their first-choice college. Early Decision deadlines range from mid-October to early January. Mid-November is a typical deadline, with a mid-December notification of acceptance, denial or deferral. Early Decision plans are binding. You commit to attending that school if you are accepted and to withdrawing all other applications. Financial aid applicants will receive a tentative financial aid package at the time of acceptance. If the financial aid is not what you expected, you might be forced to refuse the offer of admission. You should consider applying Early Decision only if you are certain that the particular school is the best fit for you.

Early Action

This option, like Early Decision, allows for an early application and admission decision, but without the commitment to attend. You may apply to other schools and you will receive your financial aid package in the spring with all the rest of the applicants.

Regular Admission

Regular admission requires that students send in their application by a deadline set by the college. Each school's deadline is different, usually beginning in early January. You should be able to find the school's admission deadline in the catalog, on the website, or by calling the admission office.

Rolling Admission

Rolling Admission means that the school has no admission deadline. Admission decisions are made on a first-come first-served basis. Usually, the college notifies students within four to six weeks after the application is complete.

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