RFP: Q&A Regarding Media Production

Can companies from outside USA can apply for this? (like,from India or Canada)

Yes, companies from outside the USA may submit a proposal.

Do we need to come over there for meetings?

Yes, an in person presence is expected. 

Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA? (like, from India or Canada)

No, we are using local Rhode Island families in our videos and all product must occur in Rhode Island or nearby. 

Can we submit the proposals via email?

Yes, all proposals should be submitted via email per the instructions on the RFP. 

Is there a budget established for this project?

No, the award will be made to the lowest qualified bidder. 

Has RISLA identified specific people for the interviews?  If so, has it been determined that all the participants can be interviewed in the same place and on the same day?  If not, is there a pre-qualified pool of people with emails and phone numbers that we can vet?  

Yes, with have identified several families, as indicated in the RFP. The intention is to interview all parties in the same place and location. 

Is there a large, quiet room at RISLA that might be suitable for conducting the interviews in the same place?  If not, are there other free possibilities or should we include a location fee in our estimate?

Yes, we have done video production in our conference room before. There are potentially other free options. However, please include a location fee as a separate line item and a total cost with and without the location fee. 

Other than needing video stills in early October for event banners, is there a delivery deadline for the completed radio and TV ads?

We prefer that video and radio be completed by the third week of October, but are open to longer timelines if necessary. 

Does “converting spot creative into web ready format and providing digital copies of creative to RISLA mean digital copies of the TV and radio spots on YouTube and web sites, or does this refer to needing print ads?

Yes, we just need digital copies of the creative and stills. We do not need print ads. We create all print creative in house. 


RFP: Q&A Regarding Focus Groups

Do you have a timeline in mind for the project or a hard date for the completion of the contract?

We would like to have photography by Oct 2 and video and audio creative by Oct 22. 

Is there an anticipated budget?

No, but the project will be awarded to the lowest qualified bidder.  

Do you have a venue in mind for the focus groups?

No, but the venue must be located in Rhode Island. 

Based on prior experience conducting research with people on sensitive topics such as finances and health, we think focus groups are an inappropriate methodology with which to explore these topics with people. Would you be amenable to other qualitative methodologies? What is the reasoning behind specifying focus groups?

We have run successful focus groups on these topics in the past. We would like to better understand the decision making process about these topics and see how conversations unroll about college planning and financial aid in general, being able to witness how public opinion has changed they way people converse about college planning, financial aid, and college financing. We don't expect participants to reveal details about their personal financial situations. If you feel other methods would be better used, please feel free to include them in your proposal and we will evaluate. 

The questions to be answered range from foundational to implementation-based. Are you able to prioritize between the various kinds of questions? Are there any specific cities you are interested in, or where you get a high density of applicants?

Foundational questions would have more priority. Based on our findings, we may conduct larger quantitative research to assist with the implementation but we would still like to touch upon these issues in the focus groups. We tend to get a higher density of applicants and users in central and northern Rhode Island.