Your Gateway to Success

The Rhode Island Student Loan Authority (RISLA) is a non-profit quasi-state authority which has been providing affordable higher education solutions since 1981.

RISLA cares about the success of students and families in Rhode Island. In fact, we believe that the future depends on the success of today’s and tomorrow’s students. That’s why RISLA doesn’t just provide loans. RISLA educates families on how to obtain financial aid, walks students through the college planning process, provides tools that can help families make informed and responsible borrowing choices for college, and aids students in jump-starting their careers. RISLA provides an in person customer service experience in a world of automated phone lines and online chat systems.

RISLA’s suite of products and services help students attain their goals for college and beyond. RISLA believes the recipe for student success is multi-faceted:

  • Students should take care in selecting the best-fit college, which can reduce expenses associated with transferring to another institution or dropping out of college.
  • Students and parents should file for financial aid - regardless of their circumstances - which can help pay for college and reduce the amount they need to borrow for school.
  • Students should pay for college with as many free money options, such as grants and scholarships, as possible.
  • If families need to borrow for college, they should fully understand their loan terms and borrow responsibly and within their means. 
  • Students should pursue internships while in college, which have been proven to increase a student’s ability to land a full-time opportunity after graduation.
  • Students should know how to manage their finances, build a healthy credit history, and create a realistic budget.
  • In order to help Rhode Island residents cover tuition, reduce the need for college borrowing, and increase their knowledge of financial topics related to student lending, RISLA’s Knowledge for College Scholarship provides a chance for entrants to win scholarship funds while in their senior year of high school or any year of college.

Whatever your higher education goals, RISLA is here to help. RISLA is your gateway to success.  

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