Rhode Island Student Loan Authority Testimonials



"I have been paying on an 8% Parent Plus Loans for 10 years now and the balance has barely gone down. I have had nothing but difficulty finding a quality service provider that wanted to assist us with refinancing our parent plus loan with a program that would provide us with a lower interest rate! It was during a recent internet search engine when I ran across (RISLA)'s website, that offered lower interest rates with a simple on-line application process. During the process of completing our on-line application, my computer decided to give me difficulty and mess up the documents that were being uploaded. I was fortunate enough to get assistance from a representative from (RISLA), MaryAnn Hanson. MaryAnn was so professional, quick to responsd, and knowledgeable of the process that she was able to have our loan refinanced at an extremely lower rate within days. Several of the other on-line refinance companies continued to call and email me, some even offering a lower interest rate then (RISLA), but I was so impressed with MaryAnn Hanson's professionalism and the fact that she personally cared about making sure that we were taken care of, that we chose (RISLA) for our Parent Plus Refinance source. I highly recommend this Company and this Company Representative to everyone and an blessed to have them to work with." - Forrest and Shelly Morgan, Carrollton, Texas

"Applying for student loans is confusing and stressful. RISLA took all of this away by having supportive understanding resources available! They truly cared about providing a loan and worked with me to find the right options, etc. to satisfy our needs. Most importantly, I was able to talk with a local real person who actually cared! Because of my experiences I just recommend RISLA to a colleague whose son is considering a college in Rhode Island." -Annemarie, Connecticut

 "They were very easy to work with when I was looking for financing collage, and continue to be easy to work with now that I am repaying." - Jon Foley, Medford, MA

"Every year when my son was applying for that year's loan for tuition, the customer service was extremely patient and helpful. I just recently consolidated his loans into one and saved on my interest paid as well as the length of the terms on my loan, and again, the customer service was so kind and and helpful that I was very glad that RISLA offered the loan consolidation and I didn't have to go elsewhere. Thank you very much!"  -Joe & Teri Cruz, Lake Forest, CA

"Interest rates are lower than the federal government and the local people are more personable and friendly."  -Barbara Kirby, Scituate, RI

 "I am very pleased with the help that the people from Rhode Island Student Loan Authority and College Planning Center of RI have offered me and my family. What has impressed me the most is the knowledge and kindness of the people that have answered the phone when I have called or gone to the office to bring any papers. I have had the opportunity to meet for appointments with people from College Planning of RI and they have also helped me a lot. I recommend RISLA or College Planning Center to anybody. Thanks a lot for your service. If more people were like you are, this world would be a better world." - Angela, Pawtucket, RI

 "Great customer service; very helpful in my refinance process." -Meghan Walch, Mansfield, MA

 "The whole application process, ease of asking questions, resolution of concerns, and general responses, knowledge, and kindness of  RISLA staff,  made for the best comprehensive package! Hence,  I would definitely recommend this to someone else!"  -Laurie Lofton, DVM, Chepachet, RI

 "Fantastic customer service. Every time I called each representative spoke to me like I was their #1 client. They were accommodating and very patient. I wish I had used them previously." -Ann-Marie, West Greenwich RI

 "Easy, Quick, Local, Affordable." -Ian Kingston, Warwick, RI

 "The process is easy, informative and efficient. Rates are awesome compared to [another lender] and anything the federal programs offer. This is year three for me! This year were using it for all three kids I have recommended RISLA to all friends who attend RI colleges. Many have used your program and are very happy too!" -Leo Trottier, Berkley, MA

 "Professional services with impartial advice." - L. Herzig, Bristol, RI

 "While trying to help guide your child through the whole college process, life can be pretty hectic. Especially when you have little experience dealing with colleges and financial decisions that follow. Fortunately, when it came down to choosing a private loan, RISLA was the easiest part of the process. Their application process was simple and a quick response was given for acceptance. Their customer service personnel were courteous and eager to answer any questions that I had. The overall process was done in a very timely manner with a smooth transaction in dealing with the school. My overall experience with RISLA has been great and I look forward to continue dealing with them in the future." - Ernie Bouthiette, Enfield, CT

 "RISLA made it easy to borrow for my education and even easier to pay my loans back." -Jeremy Burde,  Bloomingdale, NJ

 "RISLA made us feel like we had known them for years, not just a number like we were treated at other lending institutions." -Student, Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI

 "RISLA keeps everything simple. The people managing the process are straightforward, polite and uncomplicated. The website portal is useful and seamless. The response time to every part of the process is virtually instant; thereby making the application and approval process quick and painless." -David, East Greenwich, RI

 "The interest rates are low making it affordable for my child to attend their college she wanted to attend."             Shelley Nerbonne, Rhode Island

 "I felt they were truly concerned about helping my daughter. They answered many phone calls and were always patient."  - Diane Barbarita, Johnston, RI

 "When I had to call for help filling out the forms each year, everyone was extremely helpful and also "happy" to help."  -Tina P., Cranston, RI

 "The representative was kind enough to go out of her way to give me additional info that I was unaware of. This saved me a lot of time and was appreciated." -Anne Phelps, Westerly RI

"I truly appreciate the fact that I can speak with an actual person and that I am not brought through a menu of phone options, etc. In addition, every person I had the opportunity to speak with was always courteous, knowledgable and so very helpful." -Monique Hauser, Exeter, RI

 "I have had great experiences with customer support, and they have always worked out a payment plan when I have found myself behind." -Luis, Providence, RI

 "Exactly what a college loan should be."  - Walter Currin, Portland, OR

 "Excellent rates, easy to apply, no hassles.  All around great experience." -Michael Keable, Burrillville, RI

 "Fair, knowledgable staff. Appear to have the interest of the student "out front" and there succeeding in accomplishing their educational goals. Upfront and honest." - L Burgess, Niantic , CT

 "Professional service. Understands that real life issues play a major role in paying back loans. Very willing to help customers !!!!!" -Scott Petrin Lincoln RI

 "I've co-signed for my daughter's loans.  Each time I have called, everyone has been great.  RISLA employees are extremely helpful and offer great personal customer service.  I will be cosigning for my son in for the Spring 2016 semester.  Will be going with RISLA again!" -Jim, Warwick, RI

 "Great phone customer service. Always answers all our questions in an in-depth supportive, listening manner."   -Ken Higgins, NY

 "I could not have been more pleased with RISLA, its rates, its easy access to loan information and, especially, its customer service." - Brad Henry, Boston, MA

 "I have a lot of student loan debt, and I work like crazy so I can put forth my best effort to repay all of my loans. The burden that my loans puts on me makes me regret ever going to school. HOWEVER, every other company I have ASIDE from you guys never works with me when I fall behind. While I know it is not ideal to have to call you guys and set up payment arrangements, you've never failed me when I have found myself in a predicament where I needed to make an arrangement, or needed time to catch up. I am always warned before my loans are escalated, and every representative I have ever had has always worked with me to avoid any further conflict. Knowing my grandmother has cosigned my loans puts a great deal of stress/pressure/guilt on me to not fall behind. You guys always contact me before you speak to my grandmother in an attempt to further escalate my account, or hound her for payment, like my other loan companies; and every representative I have ever had always empathizes with me in regards to avoiding bringing my grandmother into my troubles. I experience the exact opposite with all of my other loan companies. You make me feel like a person, and a person who's issues are heard, and understood, and you always always always help me resolve any problems I run into with repayment." -Courtney Gollotto, Johnston, RI

 "Great customer service, combined with good rates.  I only used the customer service once (when I was first applying) but it was outstanding!  I am from another state and it makes me very glad that my daughter chose to attend a school in Rhode Island!"  -Karen Humes, Moscow, ID

 "Of all the loans I investigated, yours had the best interest rates, a variety of loan options and responsive customer service. I also appreciate your progress communications during the application approval process and the easy-to-navigate UAS payment site."  -Barbara, Bergen County, NJ

 "The rates for the RISLA student loans were the best. We really appreciate RISLA for giving us the opportunity to secure these rates for our children for these very important loans.  It is shameful that in our current interest rate environment that some private lenders are charging almost credit card interest rates on education loans."-R. Rogers, Narragansett, RI

 "Outstanding customer service."  -Ed Pare, South Kingstown, RI

 "The people at RISLA treated my daughter and I as if we were important to them." - Joseph Gregoire, Goshen, CT

 "I spoke to representatives on many occasions. All were super helpful and truly understood how overwhelming the financial aid process is for parents.  Just a really good feeling knowing I could call a small office and get knowledgable people on the phone EVERY time." -JC, Massachusetts

 "The rates and fees are reasonable compared with other lending institutions and the whole process was less confusing and complicated. Service reps were very helpful in securing my daughters first loan. Wish I knew about you freshman year." -Gary B., Shrewsbury, MA

"RISLA has a personal approach. Any time that I have called (or gone in) they have always been friendly, courteous and helpful.  That means alot in this digital age." -Kathie M. Cranston, RI

 "Great customer service...my questions were always answered in a quick and friendly manner. This was my first time going through college process and they made it easier." -Tina Raymond, Ashland MA

 "The customer service that I received personally from the Executive Director, Charles Kelley, was outstanding.  The power was out in 1/2 the state of RI on the day I drove to Warwick back in August to drop off all of our application paperwork and he kindly brought me into his office and took care of me and answered all of my questions.  As a first time college parent, I was overwhelmed with the whole process and he was very reassuring and helpful.  A genuine person."  -Lesley D., Southington, CT

 "Everyone I have spoken to has been extremely helpful and pleasant. I was very impressed with the thank you letter at thanksgiving as well. It made me feel like I mattered."  -Michelle Loiselle , Worcester, MA

 "This was our first student loan.  The representative we worked with was extremely helpful through email and via telephone.  He is very knowledgeable about the process, gave tips, and was always very pleasant to work with.  I hope we continue the process with RISLA with my student's continuing education in the State of Rhode Island... I have definitely passed this on to other parents whose soon-to-go-to college children are considering Rhode Island colleges!"   NJ, Portland, Maine

 "Website is easy to use, rates seem fair. I am glad I chose RISLA over a bank that seems like they are out to get students." -Marissa, Abington, MA

 "The fixed rates are really good, especially in the current economy and I have never had any issues when dealing with RISLA. The application process was always so easy and getting my loans disbursed to the school on time was never a problem." -Alexandria Pacheco, Lincoln, RI

 "You have the best rates by far of any lender." -Tony Davis, Abingdon, VA

 "The staff at RISLA is professional, helpful and courteous. We're very happy that we selected RISLA to help us through the student loan process that sometimes can seem overwhelming." -Brian Murray, North Andover MA.

"Rhode Island Student Loan Authority has been very helpful over the years. Whether you are applying for a loan or trying to pay one off, they are extremely helpful and offer excellent customer service. I have never had a question go unanswered in the seven years I have been using their services. When I got married, changing my name was a breeze compared to experiences I had with other service providers. Communications via email are always helpful and their website is easy to use." -Mary Campopiano, West Warwick, RI

"Rhode Island Student Loan Authority had the best and cheapest interest rates out of all the loan companies. Also they were very easy to deal with and their website is very easy to use. Loans are stressful subjects but using RISLA was easy and quick considering I got one very last minute!" - Carly Pacheco, Bristol, RI

"We have used RISLA as our lender for one of our sons in college at Roger Williams University. We have had to use other lenders for our other children that were/are in college and RISLA is the best so far for working with and understanding the loans we have taken out for one of our sons. When needing assistance, I had to call and actually speak to someone to arrange for a payment plan and the process was very easy and quick. They did not make me jump through hoops and wait a long time for it to take place. Communication was quick and efficient. We sought out RISLA once again this year for another student loan as they are very easy to work with AND low interest rates." - Alisa Clary, Concord, NH

"The RISLA was very great and helpful for me. The site is easy to use and navigate, making paying a breeze. They gave me a great loan which let me attend my dream school!" - Emma Wightman, Bristol, RI

"This is my second year at the financial aid process. I am not an expert, but I'm sure I will be when my second one gets through high school. With the help and expertise from the staff of RISLA and College Planning Center, we've made it through the financial process without any delays or worries. The staff is always friendly and ready to hit the financial aid road again and again; it's always service with a smile! Kudos to the entire staff for making my life easier and I'm sure I'll be seeing you next year! Thank you, so much." - Oscar, Warwick, RI

"RISLA has been a great help in making my son's desire to attend his first choice college a reality. The application process is easy and processed in a timely fashion. We found the rates to be much lower than the parent loan the college offered. The customer service is always friendly and thorough. Using RISLA has been the right choice for our family." - Diane, Richmond, RI

"The RISLA was very friendly and easy to work with. They talk with you, not above you. They are willing to help and answer questions you have. I would recommend them very highly." - L. Carta, So. Glens Falls, NY

 "The staff at RISLA are excellent!!! They continue to assist and advise students like myself through the repayment process in a very professional yet considerate manner. I have a large amount of student loans and found it to be extremely difficult to manage along with other living expenses. RISLA's financial adviser Evan Writer was always willing to work things out to lessen the stress that young people and their parents are experiencing with student loans. I'm grateful to have the loan with RISLA and grateful to work with Evan They are by far the best people to deal with." - Jenelle Villani & Judy Villani, Niagra Falls, NY

"Excellent program and customer service." - Fred True, MA

As a grandparent and co-signer of a college loan, I have had the opportunity to call regarding questions about the loan. The staff has treated me with courtesy and efficiency and have made every effort to make sure my questions addressed." -Al Almeida, Westerly, RI

"Have dealt with RISLA for quite a few years now and everyone associated with the organization has always been helpful, pleasant and competent." - Mike & Kim, CT

"I have never had any issues with RISLA in the 8 years that I've been paying back my loan. My parents set up the loan so I can't comment on that process, but I didn't have any issues setting up my account when it came time to start paying off my loan. With automatic payments set up, I almost forget that I'm paying it off!" - Amanda, Ambler, PA

"Both children benefited from the RISLA loans issued them. The term of the loans and the payment plans are explained well and RISLA reps are responsive and congenial." - Joanne K Lanciotti, Columbia, PA


College Planning Center Testimonials

"My daughter was a high school senior and was uncertain about which colleges to apply to.  We went into your Warwick location with many questions and your staff was extremely helpful.  My daughter was very nervous about the application process. She was very nervous about going away to college.  The woman who had assisted us had suggested that my daughter apply to any and all 4 year colleges that she was interested in.  She said that often times the 4 year schools put together such a great financial aid package that we would be shocked. She also said that my daughter could always go to CCRI - that it was close and very affordable.  When we left my daughter was excited. She went home and applied to numerous schools.  My daughter was accepted to all of the schools that she had applied to. The University of Rhode Island had put together such a fantastic financial aid package that my daughter is now, I am proud to say, in her second year at URI.  I truly feel that this would not be possible if it were not for the woman who had assisted us. Once my daughter was accepted and we saw what a great deal URI had offered her, my daughter told me the reason that she was afraid to apply to some schools was the cost. I honestly believe if it were not for your assistance my daughter would not be attending the University of Rhode Island. I am a single parent and my daughter will be the first college graduate in my entire family. I thank all of you and that very special woman from the bottom of my heart." - Patricia, Warwick

"Courtney in the Bristol office is the best. I have referred many friends to her and everyone agrees that she is knowledgeable, professional and extremely easy to communicate with her. She makes the whole difficult process so much easier. I always leave there feeling relieved. I could not be more satisfied. Thanks for your services." - Carol, Barrington

"We have used CPC for three of our children and will definitely use for our fourth..and last!! Staff was friendly, immensely helpful and as far as we are concerned, as much a part of college planning as SAT prep and college visits....foolish & potentially costly NOT to use this resource!" - Michael & Sherry, Barrington

"If I hadn't gone to the College Planning Center of Rhode Island, I wouldn't have been able to attend college in the fall.  I was having trouble securing a loan and getting the money needed to attend the college of my choice and the gentleman I spoke to gave me a tip that helped me get extra federal loans so my need for a private student loan decreased.  I had spoken to numerous college planning people elsewhere and no one had given me that tidbit of information that helped me get the money I needed." - Noah, Newport

"The CPCRI is a fantastic free resource. At first, when I saw the appointments were one half hour long, I thought that wasn't much time to get things done, but it is. These people know the answers and move things along quickly and smoothly. It's good to know they are there in case I have a question or need to make an appointment. Plan ahead and get your appointments early, though. They fill up quickly during busy times of the year!" - Beth, Exeter

"This is a tremendous service, and the people I worked with at the Lincoln office have been extremely helpful. The college financial aid application process can be very overwhelming, and this service saves an incredible amount of time and helps ensure you get the aid you qualify for." - Bill, East Greenwich, College Student

"The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and completed everything in a timely manner.  Very pleasant experience, I should have utilized the help of the College Planning Center when my daughter attended Northeastern in a 6 year program....there would have been far fewer headaches!" - Brenda, Cranston

"Stacey Crooks was easy to talk to, very informative, and direct and to the point when speaking to my son (which is what he needs).  With her help, my son agreed to enroll in an SAT prep class this fall (which was something he was dead set against doing).  We will be in touch with Stacy soon to help with the preparation of the college essay!" - Amy, Lincoln

"Stacy Crooks at Cumberland Boys & Girls Club is an easy-to-talk-to professional that has breadth and depth of understanding of the college planning process and both financial implications and solutions to offer students, parents and faculty.  I could not be more satisfied with high level of contribution and personal satisfaction from dealing with Stacy and her team. Top notch!" - Andrew, Smithfield

"The staff at RISLA are very knowledgeble about the financial aid process and took some of the worrying and guesswork out of applying for financial aid.  I had 100% of their attention during the entire time I was there filling out paperwork.  I never felt rushed or like I was taking more than my share of their time.  As I was gathering my things to leave they made sure to let me know to call them for "anything I needed".  Outstanding customer service!!" - Ann, Pawtucket

"I have used the College Planning Center in Warwick yearly for 5 years. The representatives are fabulous. They are friendly, knowledgable and accommodating. I would not hve been able to handle the process myself. The reassuring nature of the staff is so comforting. I recommend the CPC to everyone!  I love the online scheduling!" - Audrey, Warwick

"Knowledge and service every time was exceptional. The absolute best public sector organization I've ever dealt with." - Irene, Johnston

"Courtney McEntee was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  She not only filed our paperwork quickly and efficiently but explained it in detail answering all of the onslaught of questions we asked. She also offered to talk to our children about financial aid, scholarships and debt.  I would use the College Planning Center again and have already told many of my  friends to make appointments as well." - Barbara, Newport

"The staff at the CPC are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. All my questions were answered fully and professionally. I was given all the time that I needed and I never felt rushed.  If you're looking for help with financial planning for college, I strongly recommend that you meet with these people." - Gary, West Warwick

"The representatives at the CPC were more than helpful and accommodating and very pleasant and professional to work with. They made the process less complicated than I had anticipated and stressless.  I highly recommend the CPC, especially with the representatives you currently have. Thank you so much." -Ceryl, N. Providence

"As a parent of a high school senior, there are so many things on that to-do list: graduation, dues, senior pictures, college applications, acceptance and then the financial aid process.  When CPC came to Burrillville High School, I thought that was so thoughtful that they want to help the parents through this process. Now that I am a parent of an almost college sophomore, I can get a grip on my nerves and chill out!! The College Planning Center helped me out and is still helping me out big time. Just being there is relief to me!" - Dana, Harrisville

"I cannot wait to go back, they set me at ease more and more each time I'm there.  They're so optimistic and knowledgeable that you walk out of there carefree every time.  College schmollege." - Chris, Cranston

"It was a great all around and the extensive experience and knowledge of Courtney McEntee saved me DAYS of trying to read and understand all the minutia of loans and filing our 2nd FAFSA. I wish we had come to her the first time I completed the FAFSA. It took me so long to check & double check. I am sure she would have whipped us into shape so much faster and taken away all the anxiety of the first FAFSA! We will be back- thank you!" - Deirdre, Barrington

"The staff was extremely knowledgable and helpful. They assisted us in keeping this process as stress free as possible. I am not sure if this process would have gone as smoothly without their help! I was very fortunate these services were available to me and my daughter. Thank you!!" - Diana, Cransston

"I probably could have done this by myself if my life depended on it... but I'm much happier and less stressed and feel confident everything was accomplished and I truly appreciate the help....I had a good night sleep last night now that it has been done!!!!!  Thank you....thank you...thank you!!!! - Faith, Foster

"This was our first time filling out the FAFSA.  We received attentive help, clear explanations of the process, and specific information ahead of time on what to bring with us. We had a follow-up appointment also, and both appointments were begun right on time and were quick and concise. We will definitely be back every year!" - Diana, Warwick

"The ease with which three different women (in 4 visits in 3 years) completed the FAFSA was amazing and anxiety REDUCING!  LOVE them!  I've recommended that particular service to all my friends.  Why would anyone struggle with that process when this is a free, cordial and courteous experience?  Thank you, RISLA!" - Diane, Warwick

"Everyone in all the locations I visited were very personable, knowledgable and concerned about our success in attending college, in the best way possible!" - Donna, Cranston

"Courtney is a very efffective, compassionate, detail-oriented professional who strives to support parents and students throughout the entire college search and financial aid process. Her ability to navigate and engage us through all aspects including emotional, financial, and help with the stress  created ease and comfort.  She is an incredible embassader of CPCRI." - Elaina, Barrington

"The counselor, Erin DeMaggio, who assisted me and my grandson,  was most helpful and knowledgeable.  She showed a personal interest in my grandson's aid application, and answered all of our questions thoughtfully and patiently." - Richard, Providence

"Solanchi Fernandez at the warwick, RI center is very helpful in explaining and simplying the entire college planning process and goes above and beyond.  She truly knows the definition of customer service." -Elizabeth, Pawtucket, RI

"I consider myself an educated woman. However, when it came to the college financial information being filled out, I was out of my league. Being overwhelmed with the paper work, worried I would make a mistake, and just anxious about the reality my baby is going to college, I welcomed the help! It was the best thing I did for my daughter and myself - no pain, no mistakes, no stress (except what to pack!)" - Tracey, North Kingstown

"Courtney was very helpful the two times I have spoken with her.  Both of my twins went to see her and felt comfortable speaking with her. I am so glad that your resource is here in town for my whole family to access.  This process is very overwhelming, especially with twins - we have one chance to get it right, no practice and I feel more comfortable knowing we have support and assistance.  I have recommended the services highly to several friends and my daughter has told her friends.  Thank you!" - Emily, Bristol

"The College Planning Center is a invaluable tool for parents who are going through the college planning process for the first time. Stacy Crooks is extremely knowledgeable and well connected. She helped relieve a lot of our anxiety regarding the college planning process. Although she has undoubtedly  gone through this process with hundreds of students and their parents, her enthusiasm to help in our daughter's college search was refreshing." - Frank, Lincoln

"I must state that my family is highly satisfied with the CPC. It was a big help to us in the financial process. We are self-employed and need different information filled out on the FAFSA and the people at the CPC are very helpful and knowledgeable. We could have not done it correctly without them. I also called them several times with questions that I had and if they were not able to take the call at that time, they would always get back to me when they were available. I have recommended them to several friends and family members. This free service is much needed and very helpful and I wish them continued success. I will be back with my 2nd next year for additional help. I am the type of person that likes to deal one-on-one (face-to-face) instead of always being told to go online and search for this and that and afraid of doing things incorrectly. The experiences that I had have been great with the CPC." - Debbie, West Warwick

"We would like to express our gratitude for your excellent service! BRAVO!" - Franz, Riverside

"All 3 times that I used the CPC, the planners were VERY helpful and courteous.  When I learned that I was going to have to fill out the FASFA and CSS Forms, I dreaded the experience; I had heard horror stories and that it would take up to 20 hours to complete.  I made the initial appointment, and when I arrived, the planner greeted me and began asking me questions.  All the time she was typing away.  Finally, I asked her if she was filling out the form, and she said "yes, that's what we do!".  I was so pleasantly surprised!  It took us 1 1/2 hours to fill out BOTH forms!  What a relief!!" - George, N Kingstown, RI

"Courtney McEntee in Bristol was the best.  She was so personable, professional, patient and thorough.  Her efficiency and kindness were absolutely remarkable.  We have used her for two years now and think the most of her.  We are most appreciative of this great state service.  It is outstanding and reflects well on the state of Rhode Island!" - Dave, N. Kingstown

"It's great that these services are offered, and offered for free rather than the thousands of dollars that many private companies try to charge.  It means that you don't have to have thousands of dollars up front to get the knowledge to access enough financial aid to afford to send your child to the best school they can get into." - Jennifer, N. Kingstown

"Between my FAFSA and my son's I have used the Bristol location once and the Warwick location four times.  Every time I have gone to one of the offices during my initial visits and during my post tax filing follow-ups I have been treated courteously by extremely helpful and knowledgeable personnel. They have truly been a blessing to me! Having used the services of the CPC, I would never want to fill out the FAFSA on my own.  I have recommended the CPC to friends and coworkers and will continue to do so in the future." - Mike, Warwick

"I am so happy you were available because I would never have received a scholarship, thank you!!!! The woman I spoke to was extremely nice and I think that is important." - Jennifer, Richmond

"Stacy Crooks was very instrumental in guiding me through some complexities on the FAFSA/Profile forms. She was knowledgeable and supportive—so much so that I made a point of visiting the Cumberland office specifically, which is not the most convenient location for me.  An NPR report verifies that many people of modest income forego aid due to the challenging process of filling out financial aid forms. All states should have a service like the College Planning Center to level the field for every college-bound student, whatever their means." - Jim, Cranston 

"The CPC was great.  We have am unusual situation, but the staff helped us many times with the process.  We used the CPC often, but were never rushed.  We ended up receiving much more in grants and scholarships than originally expected, and CPC was a part of that." - John, Warwick

"My husband and I greatly appreciate the services of the College Planning Center. Both counselors we saw at the Cumberland and the Warwick locations were highly and extremely professional, knowledgeable, efficient and caring. We have been recommending your services, especially to my brother and sister-in-law who have five children, all smart with good grades, and only one has been able to go to college, only because he received full tuition/boarding directly from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. They will be seeking your services. We cannot thank you enough!" - John & Mary, Warwick

"Courtney was so helpful! I was so anxious about filling out the detailed  FAFSA  form.  Courtney was so welcoming and put my mind as ease right away!  She walked me through the process and asked me if had any questions or needed anything at all!   This is all so new to us. We have 4 children and our oldest child is off to college in Fall.  CPC was such a great resource and I felt so relieved when I left the Bristol office. Thank you, Courtney!  Thank you ,CPC!" - Kate, Barrington

"I have utilized the College Planning Center a few times and each time I was very satisfied with the help I received.  When you are a parent faced with a lot of college debt, it makes it so much easier when you can comfortably ask them questions and they know the answers!  They make you feel very welcomed and they listen to you. I never once felt rushed or felt that my questions or concerns didn't matter.  I will continue to use them myself and will refer friends who are facing the same experience to go to The College Planning Center! The services are so worth it!" - Kathleen, Cranston

"They are AWESOME!!  I come from CT to RI just to work with them.  My sister is from RI and told me about the facility.  It was sooooooo worth the trip just for the piece of mind in knowing my forms were completed correctly." - Kim, Norwalk, CT

"This is a great thing to offer new college bound students.  I'm so happy to have it.  Stephanie was fantastic and I'll be seeing her again shortly after receiving what I hope is an acceptance letter for my daughter!" - Kimberly, Pascoag, RI

"I think the College Planning Center is one of the real gems to be found in this state." - L, Lincoln

"Fabulous experience every year. We first visited when our daughter was a junior in high school to help us understand and plan. Knowledgeable nice people. Well organized. Have recommended CPC to many others. Yes, we could figure it all out on our own but it is difficult and confusing and everyone's situation is a little different, even from year to year. Thank you."- Cynthia, Providence

"I have been very satisfied with the caring and personal attention we received at the CPC. The counselors really cared about my child. They were extremely helpful in supporting and guiding us through the stressful process on negotiating the the financial aid portion of applying to and deciding on a college. I have been through this process twice with my children, with a large time gap between them. I have also used the service for my own continuing education. Each time I have walked away satisfied with the help I have received. I have also been grateful and relieved to know that they have helped me take care of the important details of applying to and paying for college." - Lisa, Tiverton

"If there is one thing I tell every parent I know it is "When the time comes GO to the CPC, it doesn't matter the high school the student attends or the college they are going to, you HAVE to talk to the people at CPC, you will be amazed at how easy they make everything!!" - Karenlee, Parent

"Everyone has been extremely helpful, especially Solanchi Fernandez.  I can not thank the College Planing Center enough for being there through out this journey and I still have two more years to get through. Thanks again." -Lori, Warwick

"Love the fact that the Cumberland/Lincoln Boys Club has the CPC. It is so convenient to use. Mrs Crooks is ALWAYS so helpful. Its a pleasure to work with her! She has helped us now for several years. She has taken the stress out of financial aid applying." - Michele, Lincoln

"We can't thank College Planning Centers of Rhode Island enough for the service they provide.  We have so many friends that stress over the FAFSA process.  When we hear their stories, we can't understand why they just don't make an appointment with College Planning Center.  We have been customers for the past three years.  This year, we needed to complete 2 FAFSAs and it doesn't matter that we are Massaschusetts residents.  Everyone should utilize CPC is so easy, fast and FREE!" - Martha & Brad, Westport

"I have gone to the Cumberland site 4 times in the last 2 years and it has been a pleasure working with Stacy and Maureen.  They are approachable, calm, pleasant and easy to work with." - Maria, Providence

"I have recommended The College Planning Center to so many people.  I can't imagine why anyone entering college for the first time wouldn't utilize such a great resource.  You take away the stress of filling out forms that are crucial for financial aid and scholarships." - Susan, Cumberland

"I have been working with Erin DiMaggio nearly every year while applying for financial aid to send my two sons to college. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful.  She is a great representative of the College Planning Center and I can't tell you how much I appreciate her assistance each year.  She is simply the best at what she does." - Marisa, Greenville

"I found the center to be quite knowledgeable.  They have always provided me with guidance that have helped reduce the anxiety levels which comes with the mounds of paperwork needed to get a student into college.  They take the time to explain and provide websites for different loans, grants, and scholarships.  They assist in completing financial forms.  If you bring in then necessary paperwork, they will complete a FAFSA in 15 minutes.  Before I learned about the College Planning Center, it took me over an hour to complete!  Thanks to the CPC, I have a much clearer understanding of the process." - Melanie, Cumberland

"Without the help of CPC, filling out the financial aid applications would would have been a long and complicated process. I had many questions that CPC was able to early answer. Also, because my economic situation is not common, CPC was able to help me fill out the application in the best way possible for me and accommodate to my special circumstance." - Laura, Providence

"Erin DeMaggio, Educational Counselor, made our visit very comfortable and less stressed. As first time users of CPCRI, my husband and I left our appointment extremely satisfied. The service and information that we received eased the stress that we were anticipating. We would highly recommend CPC." - Kim, Warwick

 "Fastest way to get things done right." - Mark, Cranston

"Fun, concise and fast and the advice given was helpful and good sources we're offered" - Luis, Providence, High School senior

"Two years ago there was no privacy when conducting business at the Warwick Mall location.  I was very pleased to find cubicle enclosures the provided some privacy when disclosing financial information.  The assistance given to me by Erin was superlative by description.  She was accommodating, professional  and very pleasant to work with." - Michael, Cowesett

"Each time I have used the College Planning Center it has been a great experience.  Extremely pleasant to work with and very professional." - Maureen, Harrisville

"The entire college process is a very overwhelming procedure for both our child and us.  We truly appreciate the guidance and advice of the College Planning Center to reduce the stress.  Having an organization that is knowledgeable regarding the college financial aid process is a great benefit for families.  Many kids dream of going to college and have that goal.  Having the ability to trust the CPC for information is priceless.  Applying for college has become much more difficult with the price on some of these colleges." - Parent, Middletown

"I have utilized the services of the wonderful staff at the college planning center since the year they opened in the Warwick Mall. I have had 4 children go to college (the last is a junior) and as a single parent the assistance I was given was more valuable than I can express. Stacy and her team and David before her are a "gift" to the students and families of RI who want this level of education to become a reality for them. I have easily referred more than 8 to 10 families directly and I share information about the Center with all the RI and Southeastern MA  parents I meet who would benefit. Thank you for the great work and please continue. I saw the ad with the chickens and farm...well done!" - Nancy, Portsmouth

"I am very pleased with the service that I received at the college planning center. I worked with Solanchi Fernandez and I am impressed by how professional she was while still being personable and friendly. I will definitely be recommending CPCRI to others." -Nidia, Providence

"To say that I was pleased with the service provided by the CPC would be an understatement.  The professional and personal manner in which I was treated was impeccable. Most people that I know get horrified when thinking about college financial aid forms but the CPC helps it to be a simple process.  The explanations and assistance given is awesome!" - Paul, Bristol

"Without the CPC my son and I would have been lost." - Denise Leonard, Parent

"I am always treated exceptionally well! I have been helped by some very intelligent, talented, patient people. I always recommend the College Planning Center to friends, family and my own students!" - Lorna, Barrington

"As a school counselor in a RI high school, I refer students and families to the CPCRI very often.  We also rely on CPCRI to present at our annual financial aid night." - Russ, N. Providence

"Initially, I was anxious about completing the FAFSA for the first time. The counselor at the College Planning Center put me at ease and was extremely helpful in explaining and completing the process for me." - Rick, South Kingstown

"I was referred to the CPC over 6 years ago by one of my clients when my 1st child entered college.   It made a very stressful time a lot less stressful.  He is now finishing grad school and my 2nd child in in her 1st yr of undergrad.  The CPC helped me each year with each one of my children.  I often refer the service to friends and family and am extremely grateful for the assistance that I received over the years." - Sharon, Seekonk

"I have received help from the CPC and as long as they are around, I will be making appts. with them. They are very helpful in the past and now. I would hate for the future not be able to seek there help. My daughter is in college and they were very helpful with all information." - Donna, North Providence

"I used the CPC 2007-2010 for my now college grad daughter when I was a single parent and found the help immeasurable as I went through the college process for the first time...it had changed a lot since I was a college student!  Now I am using it for my stepchildren and I still find the assistance wonderful...there is no need to figure it all out alone and make potentially costly errors when this free service is available and they make it so easy and convenient.  I have one graduate, one in college and one a senior on his way to Rensselaer in the fall...I will certainly be back when its our 14 year olds turn!" - Stephanie, Barrington

"Mrs Solanchi Fernandez assistance has been invaluable. Her patience and knowlege has made this process go as smoothly as possible, both while my daughter was applying for college as a senior last year and again this year as she enters her sophmore year at SNHU." - Steve, Johnston

"CPC is the way to go.  Friendly atmosphere.  Within five minutes or less your stress about sending your child off to college is eliminated.  I will never file without the help of CPC." - Deanna, Westerly

"I have already recommended this program to at least 5 people. I am so glad it was suggested to me.  I would not do anything different.. It took the stress out of an already stressful situation. Being this was our first time, I had no idea where to begin. The people who work here were a tremendous help.  Any question, even those I thought were stupid, were treated with great urgency. Thank you!!!!" - Susan, East Providence

"We met with a wonderful person who helped explain the information that we did not understand. Our daugther went to college a year early, when she should had been a senior.  There were things that we were not prepared for and now she is entering college for her second year and there are still things we do not understand.  Since both years were different in aid, she answered all of our questions and even questions that were silly.  It was very helpful to talk to a person who understood what we needed to do to prepare us financially for college" - Trisha, Cranston

"My daughter and I have been working with the College Planning Center for approximately 2 years beginning with assistance with her college search and as recently as three weeks ago when I had questions on student loans.Our experience has been phenomenal. We have seen many counselors and asked about a variety of topics. We research the information available on the website. We have learned so much about the college process that has been helpful to us. The wide range of resources is amazing and it is all free. As we sat through financial aid workshops at various colleges, I often suggested to other parents about visiting the College Planning Center in their state. No one either knew of this resource or did not have it available in their state. Thank you to everyone who has helped us. My daughter was accepted at Brown University and we are convinced this is a great fit for her. We will be back to visit as we continue to figure out the best way to pay for this!" - Maureen Mooney, Parent

"My husband and I met with Stacy Crooks to get all the information necessary for funding our daughter's college. I had many questions and Stacy answered all of them. I walked out of her office feeling great, it was such a relief to have the information we needed to start making our plans for college. The College Planning Center of RI is a wonderful resource for helping us parents guide our children to make responsible choices about their college career.  Thank you very much Stacy and the rest of your staff!" - Veronica, Smithfield.

"The staff at the College Planning Center is very knowledgeable and professional. We are very fortunate to have real people answer all of our questions! It's such a relief to know that the FAFSA is done by someone who is so familiar with this form. Thank you for such a great service!" - Claudine, East Providence


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