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Employer Partnership Program

RISLA, a non-profit student loan lender, counsels borrowers to borrow responsibly and provides cost-saving repayment options through our student loan refinancing programs. Additionally, we can assist your employees in planning to return to school or send a child to school by helping them find scholarships and the best financing options that fit their budget.

All services in our Employer Partnership Program are free to the employer and the employees.

No Cost Opportunity for Employers

Tools & Resources for Employees

We can help your employees and their families prepare their kids for college and find the best option to refinance their student loans. With our years of experience, we can also provide financial wellness benefits to help them save money and pay for college.

Learn more with our free fact sheet.

Refinancing Student Loans
Education Student Loans
Financial Literacy Resources
Scholarship Opportunities
College Planning Resource Center
Refinancing Student Loans
Employer Partner Program Benefits
  • 0.25% rate discount.
  • Additional 0.25% rate discount when enrolled in auto-pay.


Low Fixed Rates

Refinance your student loans and lower your monthly payment with RISLA's low rates. Apply easily online.

No Fees

There are no fees for the application, origination, late payment, or insufficient funds.

Pay Now

For graduates ready to repay loans, potentially saving thousands on interest.

Pay Later

This is for students in school looking to lower the interest rates on their accruing loans in deferment.

Ways to contribute to employees' financial wellness.


Financial Wellness Benefits


Student Loan Repayment Program


Tuition Assistance

Financial Wellness Benefits

Financial Wellness Benefits collaborates with employers to provide financial wellness opportunities to their employees that could reduce their student debt.


Employer Student Loan Repayment Program

Employer Student Loan Repayment Program is a tax-free, financial wellness employee benefit offering assistance to reduce financial stress by providing employer contributions towards outstanding student loans.


Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance allows employees to enhance their knowledge and skills, which they can apply at your organization. With extensive experience managing educational products and services, RISLA is an excellent partner to oversee your company's Tuition Assistance & Reimbursement Program.


Explore GradReady

GradReady offers financial literacy video lessons, helpful resources, tools, and tips to help employees succeed - financially, academically, and personally.

We are with you for the journey.

College Planning

A free service aimed at helping students achieve their goal of attending college and paying for it. The CPC assists thousands of students and families each year in planning for higher education.

Scholarship Hub

Check out how to prepare for college—access free tools and resources.  Find local scholarships for college, and parents and students can enter to win $2,000 in college scholarships!

Student Loans

Our student loans offer flexible repayment options, competitive interest rates, and a simple application process, making them an ideal choice for parents and students.


With our refinancing options, you can enjoy the benefits of low fixed interest rates, no fees, and an auto-pay discount. Take advantage of this opportunity to save money and simplify your finances.