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Student Loan Refinancing

Rates Starting at 6.34% APR1
Nationally Recognized as One of the Best Education Loans.

RISLA offers nationwide refinancing options with low fixed interest rates, no fees, and an additional discount if you sign up for auto-pay. With our affordable student loan refinance rates, you may be able to reduce your monthly payments and free up some cash.

RISLA Student Loan Refinancing
Refinance, Simplify, & Save

Why pay back more than you have to?


Fixed Rates Starting at



Our refinance specialist can help you find the best rate and term when refinancing your student loans. Call with questions and concerns today.

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As a non-profit State agency, RISLA consistently offers some of the lowest rates in the industry.


No application fees, origination fees, late fees, or insufficient funds fees.


Our borrower protections go above and beyond what most private lenders offer, including Income-Based Repayment.

Refinancing Benefits

A refinance loan is one loan with one interest rate and loan term that pays off one or multiple other student loans of your choosing, whether private or federal, and combines the remaining balance(s) into one new loan.  Although all potential benefits of the prior loans are lost, the refinance loan is eligible for all of RISLA’s refinance loan benefits. So, if you are paying multiple education loan servicers each month and would prefer to simplify, or if the interest rate on your current education loan(s) is higher than RISLA’s rates and you’d like to save, or if you simply want to change the term(s) of your existing loan(s) and/or change a cosigner, consider a RISLA refinance loan.


Low Fixed Rates

Refinance your student loans and possibly lower your monthly payment with RISLA's low rates. Apply easily online.


Pay Now

Lower rates may help borrowers who are no longer in school and ready to begin repayment possibly save thousands of dollars in interest costs.


Pay Later

This is for students still attending school wanting to lower the interest rate(s) on current loans that are accruing interest while in deferment.


Zero Fees

There are no fees for the application, origination, late payment, or insufficient funds.


Why Choose RISLA?

We are with you for the journey.

At RISLA, we also believe in transparency, fairness, and responsible lending practices. We offer refinancing options for those who want to consolidate their debt. Our loans come with competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and no application or origination fees.

Whether you are a student, parent, or graduate, RISLA is here to help you achieve your goals. Our team of experienced student loan specialists are always available to answer your questions and provide personalized guidance so you can make informed decisions about your finances.

RISLA, a non-profit education loan lender, offers loan programs with low fixed interest rates in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. 


Ready to refinance your student loans?

Start your application today!*

* Requesting a rate will not impact your credit score.

Refinancing Student Loans
RISLA offers refinancing for students still attending school.

Pay Later. While in School.

We offer a pay-later student loan refinance option that defers your repayment until after you graduate.  Repayment begins six months after you have left school.  At RISLA, you can refinance while still attending school to help lower the cost of accruing interest while current loans are deferred.

Refinancing your student loan is easy.

Our team of student loan specialists is available to answer any questions you may have with your online application.

Speak with our refinance loan specialist to answer your questions  at 800-758-7562

Get Pre-Qualified

Getting your rate is quick and easy without impacting your credit score!

Confirm Your Rate & Term

Compare rates and terms to choose a loan that fits your budget. This may lower your monthly payment or reduce the total interest paid over time.

E-Sign Your Loan

Confirm your acceptance of the loan by completing your e-signature. The loan will be approved after this process is completed.


Refinance Calculator

Should you refinance your student loans?

Let the savings number help you decide.  Try out our refinance calculator, which can help you determine how much you can save with a lower interest rate or shorter loan terms when refinancing your student loans.


Parent Plus Refinancing

Refinancing your Parent PLUS loans.

Are you ready to save on the cost of your child's education? Refinance your Parent PLUS loans with RISLA and you could benefit from competitive, low-fixed rates and great service. Say hello to savings! 


    Contact Our Refinance Loan Specialist

    RISLA is here to help answer your questions.

    We'd be delighted to help you with your application and find ways to save money with your student loans.

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    We are with you for the journey.

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    Application Disclosures | Immediate Refinance Disclosure

    1. THE ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (APR) IMMEDIATE REPAY: Reflects the estimated total cost of the loan, including upfront fees ($0), accruing interest, and the effect of capitalized interest ($0). Interest begins accruing after each loan disbursement. Rates shown include the 0.25% interest rate reduction for using the auto-pay feature. If the monthly payment is calculated to be less than $50 per month for the full term, the lowest payment is $50 per month with the term reduced. Not all borrowers qualify for the lowest rate. The rate you will receive (ranging from 6.34% – 8.29% APR with auto-pay) is based on the term of the loan, if the loan is cosigned (which lowers your rate), if you are a Rhode Island resident (which lowers your rate), your credit score & financial history, your cosigner's credit score (if applicable), and other factors. The rate shown is for a 5-year term. The first payment will be due approximately 30 days after the loan is completely disbursed. The rates and terms disclosed above are available while funds last. New funds may be subject to different rates and/or terms.