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Employees Move Your Company Forward

Contributing to their financial wellness can increase their commitment and loyalty to your organization.

Attracting and Retaining Your Most Valuable Assets

Preferred Appreciation

Show appreciation for your employees by helping them with their future.

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Valued Recognition

Let employees know you value their education and training with a financial assistance benefit.

Clear Commitment

Show employees that they are the most critical asset of your organization.

Financial Wellness

Help reduce financial stress with an Employer Student Loan Repay Assistance Program.

Benefits Built for Everyone

Employer Student Loan Repayment Programs allow employers to make direct payments to their employees' student loan service providers. This benefit helps employees pay down their student loan debt faster and enables employers to take advantage of the tax-free benefit of up to $5,250 annually per employee.

Why Choose RISLA

Employer Student Loan Repayment Program

How it Works

We will customize your program, saving you time, effort, and money, to provide a valuable solution for rewarding employees based on their educated talents.

Employer Customization

We will work with your HR Team to identify employees with student loan debt and customize a benefit package based on your unique needs. Customization options include.

Create personalized employee groups based on your preferences.
Customizable dollar amount offered per employee
Flexible scheduling of payment (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

Pricing & Implementation

We will work with your HR Team to identify employees with student loan debt and customize a benefit package based on your unique needs. Customization options include.

 We enroll eligible employees in our online portal, manage their information, and process their contributions.
 You are responsible for approving employees who are enrolled in the program for contributions.
 We will distribute payments to employees' accounts and confirm the transactions based on your requested frequency.

Communication & Reporting

Let us do the heavy lifting by tracking employee participation's impact by delivering robust enrollment status and updates reporting.

Monthly enrollment reports to keep up to date with employee participation.
 Employees receive payment confirmation to reinforce the value of the program.
 Employers and employees have 24-hour access to online payment transactions, histories, and summaries through your customized dashboard.

    Making an Impact Matters

    Employees aim to achieve financial independence to pursue future goals like buying a home sooner or saving for retirement. Discover the amount you can save by entering your information below.


    * Estimated calculations are based on the abovementioned terms using a 15-payment term. With Contributions' payment calculations also include the Employer Contributions value entered.

    Survey Says.

    Find out what your employees think about our great new benefit. Your employees can rank student loan assistance as a benefit and get a detailed and anonymous profile of their responses! 

    Ways to contribute to employees' financial wellness.


    Financial Wellness Benefits


    Partnership Program


    Tuition Assistance

    Financial Wellness Benefits

    Financial Wellness Benefits collaborates with employers to provide financial wellness opportunities to their employees that could reduce their student debt.


    Employer Partnership Program

    We support employees planning to return to school or who need to fund their child's education by helping them find scholarships and the most suitable financing options for their budget. All services in our Employer Partnership Program are free for the employer and the employee.


    Tuition Assistance

    Tuition Assistance allows employees to enhance their knowledge and skills, which they can apply at your organization. With extensive experience managing educational products and services, RISLA is an excellent partner to oversee your company's Tuition Assistance & Reimbursement Program.

    noun-questions-1195076-FFFFFF  FAQ


    Through RISLA'S Employer Student Loan Repayment Program, we collaborate with companies to provide tax-free student loan repayment as an employee benefit. Here are some common questions about our Employer Student Loan Repayment Program and its advantages for employers.

    What are the tax implications for the employee?

    Recent Federal stimulus legislation included a provision that extends an employer’s ability to provide a student loan repayment benefit to employees on a tax-free basis before January 1, 2026. Under this provision, an employer may contribute $5,250 annually toward an employee’s student loans and/or education expenses (e.g., tuition, fees, books). Such payment would be excluded from the employee’s income. The provision applies to any student loan payments made by an employer on behalf of an employee before January 1, 2026.

    What are the tax implications for the employer?

    To remain IRS compliant and qualify for the tax-free benefit, the employer needs to make this benefit available at their organization by including a detailed HR policy in their employee handbook.

    Is there a minimum participation requirement for this service?

    No, RISLA does not require a minimum participation number or minimum contribution.

    We are with you for the journey.

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